Casa Yogafriends Retreat Centre is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!

We are glowing with joy and gratitude. One year ago the building work of Casa Yogafriends was completed and our new retreat centre was born.

We have hosted and met hundreds of people in the past year from all around the world. Thank you to all students, for sharing the practice and sharing our table and being our teachers. You show us the light and teach us all we need to know.

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We have learned so much this last year, here are some of these things:

Be Happy.

If you are not happy, make a change. Don´t expect others or circumstances to change. Maybe the change is inside, maybe the change is outside. Chance are high, that the change is inside first ;)

Untrap your intuition. Take time to breathe deeply. Learn to be still. Take time to meditate.

Learn the difference between judging and noticing the reality as it is.

Reconnect to nature! Take a walk. Barefoot whenever possible. You will feel so much more alive.

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Pursue your dreams, but don´t push too hard, maybe universe has another (better) idea. So allow space for this other idea to enter your life.

The hardest thing about Yoga practice is folding the blanket(s) properly.

Restorative Yoga is cool! And though it seems we don´t burn calories and just get to hang out, propped up very comfortably, it fixes digestion, overweight and stress.

The wise one gives in. Real power and strength lies in being able to yield.

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Life is impermanent, it will ask you to yield constantly. And when you don´t yield, you will loose your balance. It's not what is happening to you, it's how you move through it

Drink a glass of water before you eat. Sunshine and water are the most important nutrients for our bodies. Eat fantastic food and love every bite until it is really ready to be swallowed. 1 minute chewing for a banana, 4 minutes for a carrot.

Don't get too caught up in perfecting your diet, your body, your looks, your yoga practice, just be a good person. Leave space for JOY!

Surround yourself with people who are vibrating at your frequency.

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Be authentic. Communicate freely.

Making money has nothing to do with success, real success is your soul rejoicing with what you do.

Our body is impermanent, at any moment it could be gone, so live the life of your dreams

Heal your past, forgive. Find the lessons and the blessings in all of your life experiences.

Learn to appreciate yourself. Truly love your body, your spaceship on this journey on earth. You are beautiful, you are uniquely you! Above all, BE HAPPY!

Thank you to all our guests for your beautiful comments, wisdom, and energy, this has made our year at Casa Yogafriends so amazing.

Peace and Love,

Annette and the Yogafriends Team

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