Prana directed asanas

When you move your arms, hands and legs in your Yoga practice, do you tend to keep them straight or in neat Euclidean geometric shapes?

What if your arms, legs and your whole body were the tendrils of seaweed flowing underwater with the waves of the ocean? How would they move? Try ‘softening’ your joints and letting there be a fluid quality to the movement of your bones.

Imagery is a powerful tool for changing the nature of movement. Step into nature’s fluid, messy beauty which is you in your fluid form, your liquid reality. You might find your body moving, connecting in completely new ways. You might connect to dormant parts of yourself. You might feel your mind in completely new ways.

Integrate some new ideas in your practice and embody it. Do the same poses but from a different inner approach. Enjoy the journey ;)

seaweed small yogafriends

E-RYT 200 & RYT 500