The June 2014 meditation challenge - Let´s sit once a day

The world that we live in moves faster and faster every day and we get caught in this momentum and thrown on an orbit away from our center.

There is a centering and clearing in your mind, body and soul when we simply sit.

My goal for June 2014 is to motivate people to sit down once a day, for just five minutes, in order to stop the momentum. What I am asking you to do is simply watch your breath, observe its flow.


How to do it

Get yourself a comfortable seat on the floor or in a chair with your hips higher than your knees. Use a cushion or folded blanket to sit on the floor.

Sit with a straight spine, eyes open or closed. Set a timer for five minutes and simply pay attention to your breath. Follow your inhales and exhales and breaks in between. Thoughts will come, do not give them energy and let them float away. Come back to your breath.

What to expect

The first few times are likely going to be uncomfortable — that often happens when you learn something new. Be stable and steady no matter what happens or comes up. Stay with five minutes a day for the full month and observe your breath.


Numerous Benefits

There is a long list of benefits that should have you start right away ;).


• releases stress
• slows down reaction time to stress
• helps us breathe more fully
• decreases muscle tension which leads to
• relaxation of body and mind
• relaxation boosts our immune system
• improves concentration
• a calm state increases blood flow and slows heart rate
• improves athletic performance by teaching us how to handle stress under pressure
• increases creativity
• increases acceptance of oneself
• greater focus on important things in life

The Challenge: #letssitonceaday

Commit to sit 5 minutes a day to change your life in this June meditation challenge. Sit still, stop the momentum and see what happens. Share your photos on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or on our Facebook walls, and tag them with #letssitonceaday.

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