Environmental Footprint

At Yogafriends Fuerteventura we try to reduce our environmental footprint.

We purchase ecological local produce, pulled from Fuerteventura´s soil (as much as possible). We use containers that can be refilled, as we have been using the same dish detergent bottle now for a good time. We use only natural cleaning products and soaps. We enjoy to walk, and ride bikes. Our clients will find a free bike for taking a ride. We aren’t perfect, but we try to make constant improvements to live simply and close to nature.

We invested into the best filter system of the market and our clients find filtered mineral water which comes from the local desalinitation plant, run by wind power, at their free disposition.

Casa Yoga runs on solar energy and in Casa Yogafriends we use solar power supply a big part of the warm water for showers, etc. We invested in low energy lighting, mostly LED and solar lamps to reduce the electricity consume. The used water (showers, washing, etc.) runs through a filtering system and is used in the garden to water the plants.

On Fuerteventura we do not have a great recycling center. Now we have come to be more aware of the products we buy and the packaging it is encased in. Not all plastic is recyclable, and recycling definitely isn’t a green answer.

Living on Fuerteventura has made us more aware of the cycle of stuff.

Yogafriends Fuerteventura supports with donations the work of the NGO THE OCEAN CLEANUP and highly estimates the work of THE ELLEN MACARTHUR FOUNDATION whose mission is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

What can you do?

Speaking generally, you can help reduce the amount of garbage in the ocean and contribute to solving today´s trash problem by making small dedicated efforts. While it may seem unlikely, small efforts by individuals can make go a long way toward decreasing the garbage in general and in our oceans.

- Recycle
- Support bans
- Reduce your use of single-use plastics (plastic straws, single-use plastic bottles, etc.)
- Avoid microbeads in cosmetic products
- - Pick up garbage from the beach
- Back organizations that work to fight pollution and encourage ocean cleanup


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