"Food is definitely more than what you eat. It´s part of what you are and what you will become thanks to, or because of it. It´s certainly something worth paying attention to. I don´t mean like a diet. I am talking about daily happiness and wellbeing for yourself and your family."

Michel Guérard, one of the founders of the Nouvelle Cuisine, more than 40 years of Michelin star cook

We are food geeks

It is important to us, where your food comes from. We buy pallettes of yummy eco products for you, so you can enjoy with a calm consciousness. Fresh eco veggies, Carobcreme instead of Nutella, peanut butter without sugar and palmoil just to name a few.

Industrial sugar is a no go in our cuisine. We have found eco-marmelades, which are very nice tasting and actually just sweatened with thickened apple juice. All the yummy mueslis you will find on your brunch table live without industrial sugar.

We sweaten, if necessary, with honey, agave sirup, cocos flower sirup, bananas, dates, etc. No problem at all.

Sugar- Detox/ Caffein-Detox

You have the chance to use your retreat week to give your body, especially your brain (yes your brain!) and your liver, a time out to recover. You will be able to relax more deeply and give your body the chance to put all its energy into regenerating.

We have got a coffee maker from German design brand WMF (okay, we admit it, we are also design geeks). Anyways we would from all our heart wishing the best for your and your wellbeing, motivate you to use your retreat week for a coffee detox..

E-RYT 200 & RYT 500