Our Therapies

The Retreat-packages include an one-hour Full body massage. Let yourself be treated to a deeply relaxing massage, to ideally complement your Yoga-practice and activities and sports programm.

We offer these massages on the first days of the retreat so that you have time to book more treatments during your stay if you wish to.

Our qualified team of therapists offer a very complete and up-to-date variety of massage and energetic therapies. They will help you to destress, feel transformed and uplifted:Yogafriends-therapies-massa

List of Massages and Treatments

Full body sport massage

A strong and deep therapeutic massage to speed up the recovery of muscles. Reduces aches caused by physical exercise. Cost: 45 Euro (60 min.)

Full body decontracting massage

This massage increases the blood flow, causing the evacuation of toxins from muscle tissue, decontracting and improving the strength of the muscle. Cost: 45 Euro (60 min.)

Manual Lymphatic Drenage (MLD)

This detoxing and relaxing therapy helps to have a bright and shiny skin, to reduce fluid retention and cellulite. Indicated as well with PMS syndrome, swollen and heavy feet, scars, surgery, acne and cuperosis. After one session you will already feel lighter and relaxed. Cost: 55 € (75 min.)

Lomi Lomi

is a traditional healing massage from Hawaii that combines the gentleness of oils used in Aromatherapy and the flow and techniques of the therapist´s hands to revitalize and release tensions. An exotic and liberating experience for your whole body. Cost: 60€ (75 min.)


in Japanese means "finger pressure". It is a Japanese therapy consisting of thumbs and palm pressures, stretches, and other massage techniques. Shiatsu can help to unblock the energy flow, release tensions, and other physical problems. Leaves you feeling relaxed and energized. Worked on the floor in comfortable clothes. Cost: 60€ (75 min.)

Healing Abdominal Massage

Is one of the most efficient massage techniques found in the traditional Chinese medicine. A deep massage of the abdominal area which helps to release physical and emotional tensions, favouring the homeostasis of the body. Cost: 50€ (60 min.)

Facelift Massage

The lifting works on the superior layer of the epidermis, but it also deeply works on the meridians and facial nerves, in order to achieve complete balance in the face and the whole body. The lifting improves blood circulation, elimination of toxins, oxygenation of tissues and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The 60 min. treatment includes one facial mask, the 90 min. treatment includes two facial masks.Cost: 60€ (60 min.); 80€ (90min.)

Natural personalized cosmetics

Consultation: 25€

Facial creme: 40€

E-RYT 200 & RYT 500