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The facts

1. We learned Yoga last century and we have been fortunate to pioneer teaching Yoga in Fuerteventura starting in the year 2000.

2. At our retreat, you will do about 20 hours of Yoga practice in one week.

3. Our sessions include Asanas, Meditation, Breath work, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Flow movements.

4. During the retreat we offer 2 special workshops on how to connect to your core and how to integrate Yoga practice into daily life tasks.

5. Sitting at the office without back and neck pain has much more value than doing a Scorpion pose (Purna Vrischikasana).


Our Background and Present practice

We, Annette and Miguel, started Yoga in the 90´s. Back then, Classical Hatha was the main Yoga. We grabbed it and we still carry with us many of its basic principles. Sivananda´s Right exercise, Right breathing, Right rest, Right diet and Positive Thinking became a lifestyle to us.

We also do Buddhist Vipassana Meditation as tought by S.N.Goenka. Vipassana means “seeing things as they really are”. Equanimous Awareness on physical sensations is the technique. In many ways, it is similar to modern MINDFULNESS meditation.

A next step in our practice came when we met and started to study with renowned yoga teacher Donna Farhi. She showed us what she calls natural movement patterns. These are based on DNA information about BREATHING AND MOVING. We access this info via simple and intuitive exercises. To us, it was a mind-blowing discovery, one that was life changing. Natural Patterns are deep and they support us in asanas and in life.

Our Yoga has emphasis on the core. We go beyond the mainstream understanding of core strength. Releasing, awakening and balancing deep core muscles is a profound experience that supports alignment and movement. An engaged, balanced core gives a deep sense of centeredness.

Our Yoga is very intuitive, safe and sustainable. It reestablishes trust in our body intelligence. We support only a Yoga that has a direct positive impact in daily life.


Beginners, mid or advanced Yogis?

Whether new comers or old timers, we are YOGA FRIENDS, we learn from each other, each individual in the group has a story to tell, a lesson to share.

S. Suzuki´s saying “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” is so true! We host many new comers to yoga and we love them because they have an open mind and they do soak a lot from our classes. You do not need to already be flexible or super fit to come and join us. If an asana is too advanced, we always offer an easier alternative.

Most of our guests are mid practitioners of yoga. Our classes reinforce their practice and commitment. Many of them feel that our retreat produces a quantum leap in their Yoga.

We also often have yoga teachers and very advanced practitioners. They are very satisfied with the refinement in awareness that we share. They also find the exploration of natural movement patterns very challenging and exciting.

Whether you are quite new to Yoga or an experienced practitioner, something very positive will unfold for you at Yogafriends.


The retreat Yoga sessions

At our retreat Yoga classes you will be doing meditation, selected breathing exercises, and lot of Yoga asanas. Our sessions are mostly classical Hatha Yoga with integration of Natural Patterns. Occasionally we have visiting teachers that offer Yin Yoga, Vinyasa and other styles.

The practice will make you feel fantastic.

Some sessions will have more of a workshop character. We will explore deeper into the theoretical foundation and apply to our breathing and movement. This experience and knowledge will help you not only to enhance your Yoga time on the mat, but also to integrate Yoga practice into your favorite sport and into daily tasks, such as seating, standing and, why not, doing dishes!

Towards the end of the retreat you will have a restorative session with relaxing exercises and a beautiful Yoga Nidra session.



At Yoga Friends we perform most of the Yoga sessions at a medium intensity. Some classes will have a slower pace and others will be more physical. Each week, we adapt to the particular energy of the group.

You will work to refine your awareness rather than focusing on extremely complicated asanas. We center our efforts in integrating the whole body. Strength and flexibility will come from within, from using effectively our breath, force and our anatomical structure.


Your benefits

Through the practice, you will build awareness, centeredness, strength and flexibility. You will feel relaxed and empowered. You will return home with new skills, feeling deeply connected and inspired.

E-RYT 200 & RYT 500