A small Yoga Revolution

Who said that Yoga is about flexibility and fixed repetition of postures? We approach Yoga in an unconventional way. We go beyond form and fixed poses. We believe that Yoga is about getting to know yourself better, about uniting body, mind and soul. Our Yoga feels good.


Our Yoga journey into ease

Yoga Journey - 1994

Pre “Yoga fashion” generation…

We began our practice experiencing the thrill of a new adventure. Our main focus was on feeling the body in novel postures.

Annette studied with German Hatha Yoga pioneers and Miguel took an initiation journey to India. We were elated and we loved it.

Yoga Journey - 2008

“Modern Yoga times”

We placed emphasis on performing asanas. We studied and followed rules and somehow we lost brilliance in the process.

Yoga became more mechanical and felt less and less satisfying. It seemed that you were not a good Yogi unless you could do acrobatics. It was an era of very expensive Yoga leggings.

Natural Reconnecting

We met the remarkable teacher Donna Fahri and she introduced us to Natural Movement Patterns. These biological, innate configurations are programmed into our bodies before birth and they permit us to move with maximum ease and power.

Our children were born and we watched them gracefully breathe, crawl, sit, stand… we understood that we do not learn to walk. We develop walking. We stopped focusing on performing asanas. The aim shifted to discovering and experiencing. We fell in love with Yoga again.

Natural Patterns

We are part of a group of professionals and practitioners that explore Yoga in an unconventional way. We have left behind a practice based on rules and fixed repetition. We approach Yoga organically.

We are a growing minority. Our focus on Wellbeing and not into acrobatics or extreme flexibility. It is an exciting time to be a yogi.

Your DNA knows

Connecting to life’s intelligence

We carry the information of millions of years of evolution.

As infants, we investigate this wisdom unconsciously; as adults, we can explore it consciously. We do not need to be taught to breathe properly or to elongate our spine. Deep inside we know how.

Your DNA
“Something new yet old as the hills.”
Feeling your body in Asanas

An individual approach

Feeling your body in Asanas

We believe that discovering was at the core of the practice from the beginning and that it should always be an essential part of Yoga.

We guide you into a personal practice. Our sessions are suitable for beginners and advanced students coming from different traditions. We invite you to discover your own Yoga Journey.

“Yoga does not remove us from the reality or responsibilities of everyday life but rather places our feet firmly and resolutely in the practical ground of experience.”
Donna Farhi
Yoga Meditation


Sitting still supports a profound Yoga practice

Meditation is a long journey. We have been practicing it for decades and know we have many more to go. We approach mindfulness as a pathway into deeper levels of ourselves. We do not use complicated visualizations. You will go beyond the myth that meditation is about making your mind blank.

The experience you deserve

A total immersion into your wellbeing

Our Yoga sessions fulfil your need for relaxation, health, and joy. You will feel reenergised and revitalised. Receive tools to manage your daily life effectively.

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A total immersion into your wellbeing


Your Yoga Teacher

We could say that Yogafriends is about an experience, or Yoga, or wellbeing… but ultimately it is all about the people.

Let’s gather together.

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